About Orphan’s Tree

Orphan’s Tree was founded in 2008 to address the changing needs of orphans in Russia. Our founders, George Steiner and Jenya Polonskaya Haps, began their work with orphans in 1994.  After years of service, they became increasingly concerned by the significant physical, emotional and spiritual needs of teenaged orphans.  Simply put, the majority of Russian orphans age out of orphanages before they are prepared for adulthood.

Our goal is to help orphans learn to connect in their communities and live full lives with healthy families of their own. Our activities focus on meeting the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. Our programs emphasize personal relationships and mentoring. Most of the work is done by professional Russian staff members, supported by volunteers traveling from the United States.

Programs such as life skills, job preparation and placement, servant leadership, training for young families and assisting with traditional and non-traditional education are some of the ways we walk with orphans through their specific challenges. Emotional and spiritual nurturing are key components for the long term health of each valued young person.