• Week of Prayer

    Week of Prayer

    Join us for a focused week of prayer, as we pray for specific needs of orphans beginning on Monday, September 1!

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  • Orphan's Tree

    Orphan's Tree

    Bringing Russian orphans out of isolation, one life at a time.

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  • Abandoned & Alone

    Abandoned & Alone

    At the core of every orphan experience is loss. Loss of parents, social status, educational opportunities, and personal identity.

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    What We Do

    Learn about how we offer practical support to Russian orphans at critical times in their lives.

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A Legacy of Help and Hope

Bringing the benefits of family and God's hope to Russian orphans when they are most alone.

Orphan’s Tree reaches Russian orphans at vulnerable times in their lives, starting when they leave the security of the orphanage at age 15 or 16.  Through innovative programs and outreach, we remain one of the only steady support systems.  Orphan’s Tree focuses on programs to break the cycles of poverty and multigenerational orphanhood with features like education, life skills, job training, mentoring, counseling and parenting support.

“As orphans, we are alone. Without this ministry, we have nowhere to go. This is where we find family. This is where we want to be on holidays."

- Natasha on the ministry of Orphan’s Tree

Alone. Isolated. Fearful. Orphans may be the most vulnerable population in the world today. Without the protection of family and introductions into the community, many are lost to sexual trafficking, prison, drug addiction and suicide. Under communism, the Russian orphanage system thrived. Today, there are an estimated 200,000 orphans in orphanages. They stay in the institution until age 15 or 16, at which time they “graduate” to a life, often of desperation and hopelessness.

Pure and faultless religion is defined for us as looking out for widows and orphans in their time of distress. And we believe the most critical time in the lives of Russian orphans is when they first leave the relative safety of the orphanage. These children do not understand the basic skills necessary for survival. They need to see human love modeled for them, in personal and practical ways, to comprehend the vast love God has for them.

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    In 1994 there were over 400,000 orphans in Russia. By 2004 that number had doubled. Currently over 60% of those orphans are now in their teens. Unlike their North American counterparts…

    Twice Abandoned - Part 1 from Orphan's Tree on Vimeo.

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