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    Orphan's Tree

    Bringing Russian orphans out of isolation, one life at a time.

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    Abandoned & Alone

    At the core of every orphan experience is loss. Loss of parents, social status, educational opportunities, and personal identity.

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    What We Do

    Learn about how we offer practical support to Russian orphans at critical times in their lives.

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A Legacy of Help and Hope

Bringing the benefits of family and God's hope to Russian orphans when they are most alone.

Alone. Isolated. Fearful. Orphans may be the most vulnerable population on the world today. Without the protection of family, many are lost to sexual trafficking, prison, drug addiction and suicide. Orphan’s Tree provides steady support to Russian orphans, ending multigenerational cycles of isolation, poverty and orphanhood.

“As orphans, we are alone. Without this ministry, we have nowhere to go. This is where we find family. "

- Natasha, orphan

What would your life look like if your parents and teachers ended all communication during your sophomore year of high school? If at 15 or 16, you had to navigate the complexities of adulthood on your own?

This is the challenge Russian orphans face. At 15 or 16, they graduate to a life they aren’t equipped for. Basic life skills like budgeting, meal planning and connecting with the community are unfamiliar. Without intervention, an orphan’s future looks bleak. In a government study of 15,000 new orphanage graduates, within the first year:
-          5,000 orphans were in jail
-          3,000 orphans were homeless
-          1,500 orphans committed suicide

Orphan’s Tree has identified this day – the day an orphan graduates from her orphanage – as the time of greatest crisis. Our ministry focuses on reaching orphans at this critical juncture, and supporting them where they’re at.

Orphan’s Tree was established in 2008 to care for orphans who will never be adopted, offering them a steady support system. While most of the work is done by professional Russian staff members, we believe that caring for the orphans is the responsibility of the whole community. We welcome you, your church, office or community group to partner with us.

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    In 1994 there were over 400,000 orphans in Russia. By 2004 that number had doubled. Currently over 60% of those orphans are now in their teens. Unlike their North American counterparts…

    Twice Abandoned - Part 1 from Orphan's Tree on Vimeo.

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